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Spring cp彩票官网 Temporary Changes

We recognize that this is a challenging time for our graduate students, faculty, and staff, and everyone at the Graduate School and the University of Oregon is working daily to support graduate students as they continue their education. To that end, we’ve made temporary changes that allow more flexibility and offer additional options to students while we all navigate a quickly shifting situation.

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Many Disciplines, One cp彩票官网

The Graduate School promotes excellence, innovation, and inclusiveness across all graduate programs at the University of Oregon. 

We administer graduate education for the seven schools and colleges that comprise the University, awarding master's degrees, doctoral degrees, graduate certificates, and graduate specializations in more than 80 subject areas. We strive to foster a diverse, equitable, accessible, and inclusive graduate community in all of our policies and actions. 


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Our Students Come From Around the World

Our students come from 75 countries outside of the United States

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May 26, cp彩票官网

A sacred monkey in Ghana helps a UO grad student understand the gut microbiome

May 19, cp彩票官网

UO marine biologists see how copepods use bursts of speed to escape predators

May 14, cp彩票官网

A natural environmental disaster could put society’s reliance on the internet at risk