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We’re a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU), meaning we’re one of the top 34 public research universities in the nation. We’re one of two AAU members in the Pacific Northwest, and the only one in Oregon.

Research is one of the things that makes us who we are. We value the curiosity that drives Ducks to seek solutions to big problems, little problems, and problems that everyone thinks are already solved. With many projects to choose from, our students get access to internships and research opportunities. In fact, 80.5 percent of our undergraduate students participate in some form of research.

Oregon Research

Research by the Numbers

Tier 1
The number of students participating in a research project, creative activity, or research paper as part of their coursework
grants, contracts and competitive awards in Fiscal Year 2019

Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact

The University of Oregon's Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact is an ambitious $1 billion initiative to fast-track scientific discoveries into innovations that improve quality of life for people in Oregon, the nation, and the world. The Knight Campus will work to reshape the state’s public higher education landscape by training new generations of scientists, engaging in new interdisciplinary research, forging tighter ties with industry and entrepreneurs, and creating new educational opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students.

“This is a seminal moment for the University of Oregon, an inflection point that will shape the trajectory of the university for the next century and beyond.”
—University of Oregon President Michael H. Schill

Knight Campus



Increase in annual sponsored research activity (estimated)
Teams of new top-tier scientists and their support staff
Undergraduate, Graduate and Postdoctoral Researchers
Annual economic activity in Oregon when fully operational
cp彩票官网Robert Guldberg
Engineer with Medical Flair

Robert Guldberg took the helm of the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact in the summer of 2018.

Get to Know Robert

A Head Start on Discovery

Innovation is our favorite UO tradition. That’s why we have the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium—to highlight the outstanding original research, creative work, and community-based projects our undergraduates produce.

Undergraduate Research Symposium

cp彩票官网Poster presentation on Dual-Task Gait Stability Assessment Utilizing a Wearable Motion Analysis Sensor System

cp彩票官网Poster presentation on Electron Interferometry

cp彩票官网Poster presentation on The Role of Recall in Self-Enhancing Social Comparisons of Academic Performance

cp彩票官网Poster presentation on Indigenous Danza in Mexico and the United States

cp彩票官网Poster presentation on Anthropogenic Effects on Wildlife: Racoon Body Weight Through Time, Latitude, and Urbanization

Faculty Research Excellence

Excellence in research attracts a world-class faculty to the University of Oregon. Our Health Promotion and Obesity Prevention Initiative aims to address the nation's obesity epidemic, especially prevalent among young people, through collaborative efforts of researchers from different disciplines. Part of the Clusters of Excellence Faculty Hiring program, the initiative integrates new expertise with existing research in related disciplines and build on our longstanding strengths in prevention science and biological systems.

Elizabeth Budd
Liz Budd’s research is focused on how social and physical environments of youth and adolescents influence their health behaviors and she aims to build community connections through neighborhood programs and policies within schools.
Nicole Giuliani
Nicole Giuliani aims to map out individual- and family-based interventions drawn from her research on basic brain processes and mechanisms that are tied to emotion and self-regulation when it comes to eating decisions.
Nichole Kelly
Nichole Kelly's research aims to identify effective strategies for improving eating behaviors in order to help children and their families live healthier lives.
Elinor Sullivan
Elinor Sullivan's research examines the influence of maternal nutrition and how other factors, such as the metabolic state of mothers during pregnancy, affect children during early development and result in long-term implications for lifelong health.
Award-Winning Faculty

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1 Nobel Prize Winner

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1 MacArthur Fellow

cp彩票官网microscope icon

2 National Medal of Science Recipients

cp彩票官网American Cancer Society icon

2 American Cancer Society Fellows

cp彩票官网medal icon

3 Pulitzer Prize Winners

cp彩票官网laurel wreath icon

9 National Academy of Sciences Members

cp彩票官网trophy icon

41 Guggenheim Fellows

Did You Know?

More than 23,000 schools in the United States and internationally use our faculty-developed Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports programs and apps. And roughly 1 in 10 students in the United States were impacted by the use of our School Wide Information Systems.

Graduate Research

Research, both basic and applied, is an important part of learning, engaging students in the scholarly work of faculty, fostering inquiry and experimentation, and developing intellectual rigor and discipline.

Our research encompasses thousands of scholarly, scientific, and creative endeavors. We train students in the real-world knowledge and skills necessary to be successful, helping you prepare for a successful career.

cp彩票官网Jennifer Hampton Hill

Jennifer Hampton Hill

An unexpected discovery by Jennifer Hampton Hill, PhD '17, while a doctoral student at the UO could someday lead to new treatments for the nearly 1.5 million Americans with Type 1 diabetes

Discover How

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate participation in research is a hallmark of a quality liberal arts education. At the University of Oregon undergraduate students from all academic disciplines are working with faculty to investigate, discover, create, and innovate; all while developing the skills to prepare them for careers in academia, industry, and the private and public sectors.

The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program provides resources and services in support of student engagement in faculty-mentored undergraduate research and creative scholarship activities.

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

cp彩票官网Manju Bangalore
Manju Bangalore

Fueled by a desire to travel to space, physics major, and NASA intern Manju Bangalore proves that focus, determination, and failure are all necessary for success

Ready for Liftoff

Economic Impact

Our discoveries do not stay confined to the laboratory—they are out creating jobs and improving the lives of the people in our state, country, and world. Our researchers receive funding from federal agencies, state governments, and private foundations to support research pushing the boundaries of our knowledge. Research creates jobs for the people who live in our communities, pay state taxes, and send their children to our schools.

Economic Impact Oregon Impact

inventions, copyrighted works, biological materials, software and related trademarks in Fiscal Year 2019
spinout companies based on research discoveries
licensing revenue in Fiscal Year 2019


We embolden innovation and economic development through strategic partnering and technology transfer initiatives. We are reaching beyond campus boundaries to form strategic partnerships, advancing the national research agenda in everything from theoretical physics to neuroscience and microbiology.

Move Beyond Campus

942 Olive Street

Students and faculty members from an array of departments are sharing the UO's downtown innovation hub with local entrepreneurs, creating opportunities for cross-pollination and exposure to real-world business activity.

Partnering for Innovation

Research News

May 26

A sacred monkey in Ghana helps a UO grad student understand the gut microbiome

May 19

UO marine biologists see how copepods use bursts of speed to escape predators

May 18

Early results show increased signs of anxiety for pregnant women and new parents

May 14

A natural environmental disaster could put society’s reliance on the internet at risk

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P. Alex de Verteuil

Doctoral candidate P. Alex de Verteuil, whose research studies the transgenerational effects of stress, particularly the response of dietary stress on children, created the SCORE mentorship program, which helps undergraduate students of color in the sciences get their foot in the laboratory door

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